Candid Photography – Capturing Your Intimate Moments to Build Memories

What is Candid Photography?

Candid Photography is very popular presently. Almost all high end websites and photographers advertise candid wedding photography services. But what exactly does the term candid mean?

How does one compare candid photography vs traditional photography? What separates candid pictures from the rest? Are there any videos or examples to demonstrate the difference?

A Definition :

Candid photography is a style of documentary photography where the photographer tries to captures emotions of his subjects, and the highlights of the event in an unposed manner.

This would require establishing a great rapport with your subjects, therefore putting them at ease. Thus the photographer can then shoot without them being aware, or conscious of the photographer’s presence. Furthermore, the photographer would need to be a people person, and mingle with strangers from any culture or background effortlessly. A good sense of humour goes a long way. A genuine interest in culture, language and food also make great topics to start a conversation and establish a relaxed friendly atmosphere. This interaction affects the feel of the pictures in a very direct way.

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Any advice to beginners?

I am often asked for candid photography tips as an experienced wedding photographer. Is there a special candid photography camera? What is the best lens for candid photography? In this digital age how does one distinguish their work from others, and work competitively? This is especially important as  candid photography cost can be much higher compared to the regular photography styles.

You must study street photography if you are looking for candid wedding photography tips. Good street photography is the father of photojournalism and what we now call a candid style of picture making. I note one of my favourite candid photography quotes by Henri Cartier Bresson, the godfather of street photography. ” It is an illusion that photos are made with a camera. They are made with the eye, heart and head.”

Street photography is King!

Therefore, my advice to aspirants is to forget your tools for the moment. Focus on developing an understanding of human interaction. Learn a new language. Travel, and explore a new culture. Widen your world view and perspective. This will help you develop a sense of compassion and empathy. Define a clear vision for your eye, with an idealist’s heart and a realist’s head. Once you learn how to align these, then use the tools at your disposal to find your photographic voice.

This will help you interpret your surroundings and relationships with your subject in a special way. That is the only way you may be appreciated for a unique artistic identity in our competitive photography industry.