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Indian Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography is a popular genre of photography throughout the country.

It is a fascinating field which offers photographers a chance to indulge in creative photography without any restraint, travel and meet different people and discover cultures around the country.

Moreover, the Internet is also rich with resources to pick up wedding photography tips, or learn some wedding photography poses. Wedding Photography offers many amateurs a relatively easy outlet for their creativity. Additionally it is a great way to earn on the side, while exploring the possibility of taking up photography full time.

Indian Wedding Photography As A Profession.

In case you’re pursuing wedding photography India offers excellent opportunities to build an excellent portfolio like no other. Notably, Indian wedding photography is unique because of the sheer vibrancy of weddings across the subcontinent.

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What Is Unique About Indian Weddings?

The colors, cuisines and customs vary greatly from one part of the country to the other. Thus, when exploring galleries, you will find Kerala wedding photography is very different from Bengali wedding photography.

For example, South Indian wedding photography is usually shot early morning, while it is quite normal for North Indian weddings to start late at night. Furthermore, the color palette of the couple outfits differ from state to state. This is evident from some of the photographs shared below.

South Indian Wedding PhotographyIndian Wedding photography in BangaloreSikh wedding photography

Additionally, India is also well known for its lush and changing landscapes. It’s grand palaces in Rajasthan, or the green backwaters of Kerala offer amazing backdrops for pre wedding photography.

Admittedly, typical Indian wedding photography poses can look a little corny. However, that also has it’s own humorous charm at times.

Indian Wedding Photography Packages :

Wedding photography in general can be quite an expensive affair, with photographers in the US charging upwards of $6000 per session. Comparatively, Indian wedding photography packages are a lot more flexible. There are various combinations to suit every budget possible, with some also including Indian wedding videography coverage.

We offer an entire suite of candid wedding photography services for every need. Feel free to write in through the contact form with your details, and we will revert with a customized package just for you.