My Journey to Becoming A State of The Art Indian Wedding Photographer

I became an Indian wedding photographer as a happy accident.

My career chart has been quite diverse. After I graduated from film school in Australia, I worked on short and advertising films for a few years. Following this I worked as a visual designer for a European sustainable design firm. Further on, I also helped set up and manage media operations at AOL, a prominent content powerhouse.

An unexpected surprise.

A dear friend of mine reached out to me, and enlisted my help in finalizing a good Indian wedding photographer. He had already gone through some of the best Indian wedding photography websites, but wanted my advice as a photography professional in this matter.

The search for the perfect wedding photographer.

Obviously, since he was getting married in Bangalore, my search led me first to wedding photographers in Chennai, and wedding photographers in Bangalore. Similarly, I also looked up portfolios of wedding photographers in Delhi, and wedding photographers in Mumbai, as well as a particular wedding photographer in Kolkata.

Candid wedding photography was relatively new at the time, and traditional wedding photographers ruled the roost, with typical Indian wedding photography poses.

So I further proceeded by not focusing on any one Indian wedding photographer blog, but to try to filter out the photographers whose portfolios were the most vibrant and candid in style.

My tryst with wedding photography.

Once I had a list of what according to me were the best wedding photographers in India, I proceeded to take a deeper look at their work, to further narrow my selection. At the time, the industry wasn’t as well developed as it is today. There were no awards such as the ‘Indian Wedding Photographer of the Year’ back then. It was also difficult to readily find Indian wedding photographer prices online, to compare competitively. I was pleasantly surprised while browsing through the wedding images. Some of the work was downright amazing. I had no idea wedding photography could be so creative!

An Idea strikes!

While being an active part of this process, an idea struck. What if I also took a few special pictures for my friend during his wedding, to help him preserve his special day through my eyes. It probably would be the most personal gift I could ever present him. Regardless, they would hire a full time professional anyway, so that all the wedding events could be covered comprehensively. I could just hang around with our friends, and capture some select moments, without any professional pressure.

Following this I pitched the idea to him, and he was very enthusiastic. He whole-heartedly agreed and we discussed how best to go about it, as well as finalized a wedding photographer for his dates as well.

My First Wedding Shoot.

In the days that followed, I had a great time shooting his wedding. It was like having an all access pass to every single facet of his big day. It was amazing to be able to witness so many emotions and relationships up close. Weddings are very special occasions where there is such an outpouring of emotion. I’d never experienced such a thrill while shooting my commercial assignments. Furthermore, it was remarkable to be thrown in the midst of chaos, with nothing scripted, and work creatively to document and create artistic pictures capturing the zillion small moments that made up a wedding. By the time his wedding got done, I was already hooked.

Thus began my incredible adventure in wedding photography.

My journey so far.

Since that memorable day several years ago, I have travelled to the farthest corners of the country shooting weddings. From the palaces of Rajasthan, to the beaches of Goa, to the backwaters of Kerala, to the foothills of the Himalayas, I have borne witness to some of the most intimate moments in human relationships. However, at every wedding I shoot, and every couple I meet, it’s the small moments that blow me away. It is an incredible privilege to be able to do what I do, and I cannot wait to discover what the future holds!