Choose One of The Best Candid Photographers to Cover Your Wedding

How to choose your wedding photographer :

Sorting through profiles of famous candid photographers can be a difficult task for prospective couples. Finding that perfect photographer to freeze your candid moments in time is easier said than done.

candid wedding photographers

This is especially true in a country like India, with a rich and diverse range of customs and cultures. Every state has a different style of wedding rituals and customs.

If you are having a Tamil style wedding, many candid wedding photographers in Chennai have experience shooting Tamil weddings. Similarly, for the Malayali weddings, exploring candid photographers in Kerala may seem the best choice. Likewise, Karnataka isn’t to be left behind with some fantastic candid wedding photographers in Bangalore to choose from.

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Of course, the north side of the country has a lot of candid photographers who are both experienced and willing to travel. There are many well-established candid wedding photographers in Delhi, experienced in Marwari and Punjabi styles of weddings. Candid wedding photographers in Mumbai tend to be a favorite between Marathi and Gujarati couples.

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However, is choosing a photographer from the same region / culture always the best choice?

While it may be beneficial in some cases to find a photographer who is local, this may not always be the best choice. On the contrary, someone who is from another culture can lend an entirely fresh perspective while capturing your familiar traditions. Furthermore, they may show a lot more interest in covering your customs comprehensively, because for them, it is an entirely refreshing and new candid wedding photography experience.

Consequently, don’t limit your options right in the beginning. Make time talking to various professionals in the field, after closely seeing their wedding candid photography examples, and you will be richly rewarded with your final choice.

The best candid moments of a wedding happen unplanned and unrehearsed. It could be the bride lovingly looking at her groom. Or when a father says goodbye to his daughter during the vidai. These moments are to be cherished for life, and actually define what is a candid shot.

Therefore, it is always better to find someone with a well-rounded portfolio.

indian wedding vidai
Conclusion :

To summarize, don’t make your choice of a candid wedding photographer just by their culture, region or pictures, but also by how he/she is as a person.

Finding someone you are comfortable with, and can trust with your most intimate expressions will make a huge difference to the memories you will see captured in your wedding photo story.